G’Day World #322 – It’s Called MYANMAR not BURMA ffs

My first show for a month!!! I explain why the big break on the show.

But the main topic for today is Myanmar, or what the ignorant Western media insist on calling Burma. As you’ve heard, they were hit recently by a terrible cyclone and there are potentially 100,000 people dead and millions homeless. Western aid is having trouble getting there because the Myanmar government won’t let them in.

But why? That’s what I ask on today’s show. How did Myanmar get to this place? What is it’s history?

Listen to the show to learn about the role in Myanmar’s history of the British military dictatorship, American gas interests and foreign spies infiltrating NGOs and charities, and then 6 o’clock news might make more sense.


Chevron’s involvement connected to HR abuses in Burma

Aid groups shelter spies

Condi Rice’s relationship with Chevron

Wikipedia’s entry on Myanmar

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10 thoughts on “G’Day World #322 – It’s Called MYANMAR not BURMA ffs

  1. A key point you have overlooked is Myanmar’s control of the Andaman Islands. China has long had MOU’s with Myanmar and have reportedly established joint (?) military base(s) in the Andamans. These islands are of key strategic maritime significance as they control access to the Malacca Straits maritime route between Indian & Pacific oceans. Most of the world’s commercial sea transport (including oil shipments) is dependant on free access to this passage. (Ninety five percent of the world trade volume is shipped through sea routes.)

    Some years ago, China funded the construction of highways from China down through Myanmar to the coast. These islands and nearby coastal facilities potentially provide China with ‘blue water’ naval access, which it greatly lacks. The Andamans are also key to maintaining surveillance and reconnaissance (including electronic) of all activity in the Indian Ocean. As a key global choke point, this area provides significant strategic leverage.

  2. Quite a few years ago when I was in the area I was told the China/Burma border was effectively open with the Chinese going hell for leather stripping all the forrest of their timber. Kinda reminiscent of the Thais with the Kmher Rouge

  3. Wikipedia search term, Coco Islands

    Google, Hainggyi Island, Irrawaddy OR

    China Burma military co-operation

  4. Ah! You meant the Coco Islands, not the Andamans. After Burma’s been screwed over by the West, who can blame them for aligning themselves with China? Is it really a shock that countries who get raped by the West will turn elsewhere for friends?

  5. Actually, calling it Burma is not necessarily out of ignorance. Many do it because Myanmar is the preferred term of the despised Generals, so it’s a protest against that regime (ineffective, but that’s what it is). For example, the Bangkok Post newspaper will always change Myanmar to Burma, even if it’s stories from the wire services. And BTW, the Post also employs a lot of people from families that have fled Burma/Myanmar, and they always agree that its better to refer to it as Burma. Not necessarily my position but thought you might be interested to know.

  6. Geoff, I understand that’s the rationale, but every government of every country in history has done pretty despicable things, including the USA, UK and Australia. If we followed that rationale through, we’d never know what to call any country. If the current regime calls it Myanmar, then its Myanmar.

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