G’Day World #330 – Kat & Matt from OpenAustralia.org


Tonight’s guests – Katherine Szuminska & Matthew Landauer – are the founders of OpenAustralia.org, a recently-launched site which makes politics more transparent.

Based on the British site TheyWorkForYou, OpenAustralia.org scrapes Hansard and makes it much more accessible. You can find out who your local MP is and then subscribe to email alerts whenever they say something in Parliament. And that’s just the beginning. Kat & Matt have a number of exciting features they intend to bring to the site in the next year or two.

This is their first interview.


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3 thoughts on “G’Day World #330 – Kat & Matt from OpenAustralia.org

  1. Great project. I’ve always slightly suspected MP’s of obfuscation over the whole interests disclosure issue. It would be great if you could somehow automatically cross-check the interests register against questions and speeches in the house. I suspect there might be some suspicious correlations. I’d be interested to know if Katherine or Matthew have ever encountered any willful obfuscation?

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