G’Day World #349 – Antony Loewenstein, The Blogging Revolution

Antony Loewenstein is an a Sydney-based freelance journalist, author and blogger whose latest book, The Blogging Revolution, is “a colourful and revelatory account of bloggers around the globe who live and write under repressive regimes – many of them risking their lives in doing so.”

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Sources of global dissident blogs:

Global Voices Online


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5 thoughts on “G’Day World #349 – Antony Loewenstein, The Blogging Revolution

  1. revolutionary change… I’ll be in that. It would be great to see Anthony provide an opml file (or just a list of links) to great international blogs he has spent time uncovering.

  2. I liked it, yet I have an issue with it. America nowadays invades first via media… it makes sense to censor US propaghanda – even if it is censoring something supposedly innocent like Seinfeld or Lost or whatever.

    I don’t think Lowenstein knows how the brain works.

    If you show a kid a toy – he wants it. So is it censorship to stop that kid from wanting something he didn’t want before?

    Exactly what is censorship?

    Before Mr Lowenstein writes books, he should investigate.

    You might say ‘ahh but these are adults.. they should make up their own minds’ again… what do we mean by ‘adult’.

  3. Marcelo, I’m not sure Antony decried censorship as all bad, did he? I think he just stated it was a fact and that some of the people he spoke to are fighting against it.

    Personally, I’m against censorship, even though I totally understand how media is used as propaganda. But I totally understand why people like Castro want it kept out of their country. They have a fledgling country fighting many battles for the hearts and minds of their people. In Australia we (at least those of us that are white) are much more fortunate to have had 200 years of uninterrupted prosperity.

  4. Hey Cam, when I type thepodcastnetwork in the search section, it takes me to a blank screen – is that just me?

    I had to do a search in yahoo and type g’day world to get here… anyway

    I’m not a fan of censorship either (My blog is on an adult porn host site- just so I can say whatever the hell I want)… I think my arguement, is that western culture and western thinking tries to soak up all other possibilites through media and it’s interpretation of the world… and we never get to see if other forms of society can actually work. Our arrogance is our ugliness. Everyone must submit to our way of thinking.

    I’m not saying we are right and they are wrong – I’m saying let them speak free of our western media soaked perception. Ultimately, it all depends on how you look at it. One could say that what Cuba is doing is not censorship. Instead it is allowing for another way of thinking to exist free of our western material obsessiveness.

    Are we strictly saying that prosperity is purely economic. I don’t see that either whites or black or ethnic community have prosperity at all in this country. Everyone is unhappy, until they buy their next toy. Cubans are poor but mostly happy.

    “I’m not sure Antony decried censorship as all bad, did he?” Your right, this might be an assumption on my part, but, then why would he have written that book to begin with?

    Did he speak to people in his book who gave an opposing oppinion? Does he explain the history of the influence of free market media influence and how it distorts attempts at other ways of being?

    If not, then it would be taken by most people to be a condemnation. Yet, another justification to condemn Castro’s revolution giving more weight to imperialists arguements.

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