G’Day World #350 – Richard Moore

My guest on show #350 is American author (who now lives in Ireland) Richard J Moore, author of “Escaping The Matrix“. I was introduced to Richard’s work recently via an article he wrote about Russia, Georgia and South Ossetia.

Richard tells me that the kind of government we have in the USA, UK and Australia isn’t really democracy – and he suggests a way forward to creating the world’s first true participatory democracies.

Here’s a list of sites where you can read Richard’s writing and subscribe to his regular news alerts.

Richard’s “newslog” Google Group


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5 thoughts on “G’Day World #350 – Richard Moore

  1. Now that’s a bloody podcast..Finally getting back to the original roots of G’Day World, with someone who actually doesn’t conform to the bullshit that engulfs us all..Now I know you run a business, and whilst there’s nothing inherently wrong with making money, its always good to listen to your podcasts that consists of intelligent and mind challenging content..now just a little more of this..

  2. Excellent podcast. A credible analysis of the geo-politics and a credible practical way forward – rare. I am now checking out “dynamic facilitation” dialogue. You might be interested in Marshall Rosenberg’s Non Violent Communication in this context – be great to have him on the show.

  3. Well, I’m a month and a half slower than everyone else, but whatever..

    You suggested at one point that maybe sports are just a ploy of the elites to keep the masses distracted..

    I know you’re a history buff, so I thought you might like this quote from Herodotus:

    The plan adopted against the famine was to engage in games one day so entirely as not to feel any craving for food, and the next day to eat and abstain from games. In this way they passed eighteen years — Herodotus (Book I.94)

    It’s from a segment on the King of Lydia’s attempts to keep his countrymen subdued during a long famine.

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