G’Day World #357 – The Sammartino Method During A Crisis

First show for 2009!

Steve Sammartino, who you may remember from our earlier shows (see: G’Day World #336 – The Sammartino Method (aka How To Get Rich Slowly and Surely)), joins me again tonight to revisit the investment strategy he discussed with us back in July 2008. Now that the world is in the worst financial crisis we’ve seen in decades, does his strategy of “invest in the index and hold” still work?

Steve Sammartino is the founder of Rentoid (see G’Day World #306) and also shares his wisdom on the Start Up Blog.

Vanguard Tools

Steve’s “Grow Some Veggies” Blog entry


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5 thoughts on “G’Day World #357 – The Sammartino Method During A Crisis

  1. Well, thank &*ck for that — just ponied up my 5000 for vanguard fund two days ago and happy to hear it wasn’t such a bad move.
    Steve, will certainly be buying your book when it’s done.
    Cam, good move getting him back on.

  2. Good stuff. Thanks Cam for letting me know about this sort of investment, the more I look into them the more they seem to suit my style.

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