GDay World 372 – Fi Bendall on How Social Media Is Challenging Corporate Cultures

Fi Bendall

On G’Day World Live this week my guest was Fi Bendall from Bendalls Group. Fi is one of Australia’s best known digital strategists who has worked with clients from MTV to Amnesty. She came on to chat about how social media is challenging corporate cultures in Australia and what needs to happen before those companies will be ready to embrace things like Twitter. You can follow Fi on Twitter.

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3 thoughts on “GDay World 372 – Fi Bendall on How Social Media Is Challenging Corporate Cultures

  1. Listened to this on the plane to Brisbane the other day, and couldn’t help wondering what Fi’s take is on the importance of digital strategy given these ‘tough economic times’ – will brands with an online / social presence thrive more than those who are targeting their audiences through MSM?

    It seems like the personal level of interaction with customers or prospective customers is likely to win some people over on an emotional level which could persuade people when they’re unsure about parting with their now-even-more precious cash…

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