GDay World 376 – KEVLEX, a real-life superhero.

Today’s guest is the founder of the WORLD SUPERHERO REGISTRY, a website deals with the actual incorporation of the superhero archetype into daily life. His superhero name is KEVLEX (a portmanteau of “kevlar” and “spandex”).

(note: this isn’t Kevlex – photo courtesy of Toastie14)

We talked about what it takes to be a superhero in the real world. Fascinating stuff.

You too can be a superhero by becoming a member of the TPN500!

2 thoughts on “GDay World 376 – KEVLEX, a real-life superhero.

  1. Superhero Rides: A different group of superheroes to Kevlex’s group, has been conducting Superhero rides in the US and elsewhere for some ten years or more. How the ride works – A group of costumed superheros (with support vehicles) go out on planned cross country bicycle rides, usually for 2-3 weeks duration. The route is planned to pass through as many small town/communities as possible.

    When riding into each community, the group (10-30 people) offer to carry out a community project, usually 1-2 days duration. Such as painting the local school, planting up community gardens etc. The support vehicles carry a range of tools and equipment. The team often has a range of tradespeople included.

    The whole project is infused with a festive feel, lots of fun and frivolity, music etc. Great motivator for small communities. Most of the participants of the superhero rides are young, often from alternative community, or counter-culture type backgrounds. Sometimes organisations like ‘Food Not Bombs’ provide catering support. Combines fun, fitness, and genuine community support.

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