GDay World 377 – Can Your Mobile Phone Save The Planet?

That was the subject of a debate I was part of last week, run by AIMIA QLD. There were four of us on the panel and I was part of the “NO” team. Not by choice. It was fun and tough to make a case AGAINST the mobile phone, especially as I love my iPhone to bits.

Anyway, this show is a live recording of the event.

Are you a member of the TPN500?


3 thoughts on “GDay World 377 – Can Your Mobile Phone Save The Planet?

  1. Hi Cam,

    I’ve just listened to the debate, and it was interesting.But I am surprised that none of you mentioned two fact about the mobiles and their applications:
    fisrt application is a mobile banking system in the developping world: mobile phones are use to pay stuff, in countries where there are no bancks. You pay little amount of money over the phone, by sending a SMS with the amount and the phone number of the person you want to pay. That help developping the economy of these countries.
    The second point is about culture: in counrties like Japan and Korea, people are using their mobile phone to read e-books, not only to watch porn! In these countries, readin book on the mobile phone si so popular that it generates a new kind of book, with a format more adapted to screen size. So also it’s not poetry, and the books themselves are not written on the phone, the phone improve the culture of people by enabling them to read books anywhere. Of course, people could bring a hard copy, but their phones are just a convenient way to carry their book.



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