GDay World 379 – Looking Back

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in a cafe here in Brisbane, reading, thinking about how unlikely it was that Chrissy and I were both in Ajaccio at the same time last year. How, statistically, we should never have met. And then I started thinking about what lead me there… about all of the little events that happened over my life that put me in Ajaccio in July 2008. So I started to jot down this mindmap, tracing each event back in time to the event that had to happen, HAD TO HAPPEN, in order for me to end up in Ajaccio.

Listen to the podcast if you want to know more.

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5 thoughts on “GDay World 379 – Looking Back

  1. Cam,
    I havent listened for a while. Last time you were living in Melbourne.
    So i am a little lost.

    Were you not married with two kids?
    Did you separate and leave the ex and kids in melbourne?

    I am in the same situation where i am recently separated and have two kids and a girlfriend in another state. Not sure if i could leave my girls to live in Sydney or convice her to come to WA.

  2. Hey Rob, my ex and the kids and I all moved up here to Brissy about a year ago. I live about two blocks away from them and see the kids every day. I met my gf while in France last year and am very lucky that she’s decided to move from Seattle to Brisbane. Good luck with your situation, hope it works out. Very tricky when kids are involved. Like you, I couldn’t live in a different city (let alone country!) to my kids. Just wasn’t an option.

  3. Thanks mate.
    Great job with your recent shows. Looking forward to that next Ceaser ep with Mr Markham.
    Keep up the good work, very entertaining

  4. Hi there Cameron

    What an absolutely brilliant show! Plenty of food for thought in this podcast… Your shows still live up to your “Listen… Learn and Evolve” brand.

    Not sure if I totally agree that we have no free will as linking everything that has happened in our lives is looking at the past, whereas if we apply your thinking to future events along the lines of, “… if I do this.. then this will happen… and if I do that…” as opposed to “… that happened because that before it happened…” Anyway, who really knows? This great “Looking Back” podcast reminds me of your “G’Day World 155” which is a total classic of yours too.

    Thanks for the great podcasts Cameron; I’m one of your listeners / subscribers from long way back.. yep, I “still” listen and continue to be one of your biggest fans.

    Good luck for July, thanks for your shows and chat soon.

    Kind regards


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