GDay World 394 – Rebecca from @GayMarriageAus

I was an early follower of @GayMarriageAus because I’m a big supporter of gay marriage rights. I was delightfully surprised, though, to find out that the person behind it is a 17 year old high school student, Rebecca. I chatted with her recently about why she’s supporting gay rights.

We also talked about The Australian Sex Party (who will be guests on the show in coming weeks) and the current legislation in Australia pertaining to gay rights.

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One thought on “GDay World 394 – Rebecca from @GayMarriageAus

  1. Good interview (Finally got to it). I personally have no problem with Gay marriages. I always wondered whether the issue was the rights or the name. I sort of understand that some people would have issues with using the name marriage (not that I do) and wonder if ALL the rights were the same, wouldn’t that be a good compromise (i.e. better then not having the same rights, which is stupid)?

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