G’Day World “On The Pod” #44 – Jeremy Hague (SKYLOOK)

Jeremy Hague and Paul Andrews are the Melbourne guys behind SKYLOOK, a new Outlook toolbar for Skype which they launched to the world a week ago. I think it’s pretty cool because, among other things, it automatically records Skype calls. Handy for a podcaster!

Make sure you listen to the show because there is a free give-away!

3 thoughts on “G’Day World “On The Pod” #44 – Jeremy Hague (SKYLOOK)

  1. I’ve notices that there is an audio problem with the last two episodes, is this something to do with Skylook? It’s like a scratched record effect.

  2. If I heard correctly the last TWO shows were recorded with skylook and had audio glitches. Thats a friggin shame – bit like having your fly undone on the telly!! Make sure they fix it and you tell us when its fixed. Then I might try the software out.

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