G’Day World “On The Pod” #49 – Prof Kevin Hindle

On #49 I’m joined by Professor Kevin Hindle. Kevin and I met about five years ago when he asked me to present to his Masters class about innovation happening in the e-business space and on my predictions for where the big opportunities lay in the early part of the 21st century. For the record, I didn’t mention podcasting.

Kevin Hindle is Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne , Australia . He is a researcher, educator, management consultant and private equity investor. His variety of expertise and interests embrace many aspects of managing in conditions of uncertainty. His research, teaching, managerial and consulting work focuses on entrepreneurial business planning but includes: investment evaluation (especially in the field of venture capital), market and financial modelling, change management, organisational design, corporate strategy and management training. Applying leading-edge research to practical problems, he has initiated and developed new ventures and worked for organisations large and small, public and private, Australian and international. He is Australian Project Director of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), the world’s largest entrepreneurship research initiative.

We talk about entrepreneuship in Australia and what it means to be an entrepreneur, subjects Kevin knows a great deal about.

4 thoughts on “G’Day World “On The Pod” #49 – Prof Kevin Hindle

  1. Have read that Robert I. Cringely Book, but have seen the video of it (its available at the St Kilda Library) and I believe the title is something like (and I haven’t cheated and gone and looked it up):
    Accidental Heros: How the boys of Silcon valley, created an industry, and still couldn’t get a date.

    Very good watch. Cringely also has a new podcast/mediacast called NerdTV where hes interviewing famous people from the computer industry. http://www.pbs.com/nerdtv.


  2. well Tony, seeing as you asked, my recollection is that I talked a lot about web services and the semantic web. I talked about using XML to publish information about services that could be leveraged by other companies to provide a meta-service. My common scenario was looking at an e-business (remember that word?) solution that would allow an online vendor to use web services to link into the ERP systems of her suppliers to provide a complete service to her client.

    I remember also predicting that by 2005 we would have the convergence of broadband, mobile computing devices and wireless to provide a platform for delvering some pretty cool applications and that the “dot com” boom would come back bigger than ever during 2005 – 2010.

    I’ll try and find my slidedeck if you like.

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