G’DAY WORLD PODCAST 174 – Simon McKeon

This is the second show in my series of interviews with Melbourne’s top business and government leaders that I’m calling “Melbourne’s Top Dogs“. On this show, I’m very fortunate to interview Simon McKeon, Executive Chairman of the Melbourne office of Macquarie Bank, aka “The Millionaire Factory”, Australia’s premier investment bank.
Simon McKeon
Simon is an inspiring bloke. Not only has he risen from humble beginnings at Dandenong East Primary School through to the top of Australia’s corporate ranks, he’s also a genuine social activist. Five years ago, at the age of 45, Simon went part-time at Macquarie Bank to focus more of his energy on other pursuits – such as his role as a Director of World Vision, Chairman of corporate social responsibility organisation Melbourne Cares, chairing the Australian Federal Government’s takeover panel and volunteering as a counselor to heroin addicts at a St Kilda clinic. Oh and he is also a world champion speed sailor.

During the interview we talked about his background, his motivations, how he handles criticism, and how important empathy is in his dealings with people.

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2 thoughts on “G’DAY WORLD PODCAST 174 – Simon McKeon

  1. A brilliant interview and a brilliant interviewee. Well done on snagging him.

    From a perspective, you can see why he has excelled not only in business but in life.

    I keep on saying this to my employees – ‘work, community, self: if you get that right everything else follows.’

  2. Cam, that was an excellent interview. What an inspiring guy. Even if I could take about 1% of what he was saying and put it into action, it would be good.
    Thanks for bringing such great content to us.

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