G’DAY WORLD PODCAST 175 – Hanan Lifshitz, Palore

Today my guest is Hanan Lifshitz, founder and CEO of Palore, joining me from Israel.

Palore is a browser plug-in that pulls together reviews of businesses (restaurants, plumbers, etc) from across the web and let’s you view them directly from the website of the business. I think services like this will be key to us using the web to make better decisions about which businesses we give our hard-earned dollars to.

Hanan gives us a bit of background on the business, the vision for the future and explains his ideas about “Contextual RSS”.

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3 thoughts on “G’DAY WORLD PODCAST 175 – Hanan Lifshitz, Palore

  1. Yeah… I’m always a bit leery of plug-ins and toolbars, etc that are tracking my surfing patterns under the guise of “helping” me use the web better. Personally, I don’t want anyone tracking my habits either by name or anonymously. This is why I often block cookies, especially third-party cookies, and clear my cache whenever I exit my browser. I would rather make my own decisions on what I’m going to buy and from who. Marketers are already way too invasive in my opinion–I get too many unsolicited phone calls as it is.

    It’s not paranoia, it’s just “safe surfing.”

  2. Herne, thanks for the comment.

    I realize many people have concerns about their privacy, but in the case of http://www.palore.com we don’t use a plug in that tracks your activities – all it does is present reviews from all over the web (you can customize the sources of these reviews, but that’s optional). We’ve tried to make it as harmless as any RSS reader which presents your favorite content, the only difference being that that it’s plugged into your browser so that the information is presented in the right context.

    Anyway, have a safe surfing experience 🙂

  3. Thanks for the reply, Hanan…

    I realize that more and more companies are vying for my spending money… It’s my opinion that marketers are becoming much too aggressive these days in getting their product in my face–I’m not trying to blame this on your service, however. I’m sure there are people out there who are happy to have this kind of contextual information displayed for them as they surf, but not me. I just wanted to make it clear that I wasn’t slagging palore.com, just giving my opinions…

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