note: sorry for the quality of the first few minutes of this podcast…technical difficuties…a plug i think 🙁

0:00 Network Intro

0:15 Opening theme from Spruiker and show intro

1:45 We talk about why we haven’t done a show in a while

5:00 Let’s get The Podcast Network news out of the way

16:10 Fill out the Podcast Survey dammit!

17:24 New channels coming up…

18:47 One of us went to DEMO@15

19:50 Other conferences we want to go to this year

21:00 Wrap-up from the Hill & Knowlton Aussie Blogging Breakfast

26:10 Blogtalk Downunder

28:30 Cancelling Hotmail is a BITCH

37:00 Cancelling a VISA with “Which Bank?” is also a BITCH

40:15 Fred Durst vs Gawker Media

43:00 Our ruined interview with Dan Gillmor, Apple lawsuits, Kazaa

48:58 Mobile Porn

51:30 One of us has been invited to MSN Search Champs V2

53:30 Gnomedex 5.0

54:15 Update on Desktop Search engines

59:00 William Gibson’s “Pattern Recognition”

Listen as Cameron talks to himself, while my audio drops out for 3 minutes 🙂

1:02:20 Update on 100 Bloggers book

1:03:05 Mick’s AIBO


1:04:08 Out robot masters will make us suffer for this


1:05:50 Show wrap-up

1:07:30 Music exit…this episode…Macedonian folk music 🙂