Show 1 – 26th November 2004 (32 min): Download: mp3 (15MB)
00:00 G’Day World intro tune “D24” courtesy of Melbourne band Spruiker
00:32 How hard it is to record both sides of a Skype call and the solution we found
02:30 A little bit about Mick & Cameron
05:43 How to speak Australian properly – a guide for foreigners
06:40 Why we’re doing a podcast
08:15 How do you bookmark an AAC or MP3 file?
11:10 Using Microsoft Media Centre to listen to podcasts
12:15 The problems with the name “podcasting”
13:30 The podcasting meme
14:30 The VOIP meme
16:24 Microsoft Media Centre – Mick’s new machine, Australian EPG by Altech & building your own
22:25 Our first impressions on HALO2 (HALO2 stats site at
31:46 Close-out from Cameron