G’day World Podcast :: Show #8:: “The Charles Wright Special Edition”


I’m back attacking the mic
Hype like a Viking
Striking like a python
Blaze like Jon

I’ve got no idea what it means either. Ask Will Smith.

Anyway,.. Cameron here and we’ve got a brand new show for ya.

This show Mick and I have a special guest, W. Wayne Turmel aka “dub-dub” who is about to start a new show on TPN. For details, listen to the show.
dub dub
As you may have gathered, we’ve dedicated this episode to our #1 fan, Mr Charles Wright. Thanks for the love, Charles.

Show Notes:

  • Intro: “D24” by Spruiker
  • Wayne’s book
  • MSN Search Champs
  • XBOX360 coming to Australia before Xmas?
  • BlogTalk Downunder
  • Check out Michael Specht’s summary
  • The Downing Street Memo
  • iTunes 4.6 will have a podcatcher built-in
  • Graham Kennedy’s passing
  • Track: “Save Me” by The Napoleon Blown Aparts
  • 6 thoughts on “G’day World Podcast :: Show #8:: “The Charles Wright Special Edition”

    1. Guys, this is one occasion you have to ping (trackback) Charles Blog with this item!
      Was it intentional (for Charles) that Micks audio kept breaking up/losing quality? As I mentioned to you guys, I have a new iRiver H320 and had to run this show up on my computer to see if it was the show or the iRiver! Its fair to say the iRiver perfectly reproduced the poor quality (sorry guys)!


    2. Molly, Cameron here. The quality was poor on Mick’s audio? I didn’t notice that on my end. I’ll go back and check, thanks for the heads-up. And yes, look for TPN on the next ballot. But PM os Australia isn’t really a big enough challenge. I’m shooting for Galactic President.

    3. It was minor, around the 31:50 mark was one of them. They weren’t big or intruding (like puting you mic on mute for 30 secs) but when you have a new toy, it just made me wonder.

      Galactic President or the guy that is controlling the Galactic President (if I remember my HHGTG correctly)?


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