Get Stupid

I’m introducing my kids to Season One of Get Smart this morning before school because I figured it’s about time they understood why I always say “Good thinking 99”. Reading up on this history of the series on Wikipedia I learned about a new movie version due to go into production in early 2007 which will star Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway. Carl Birkmeyer from the Get Smart site has written a pretty disparaging review of the movie script and his criticisms sound valid. I can imagine Carell playing Max but, as Carl says, they need to get the character right. And to do that the producers need to get Mel Brooks involved. How can you possibly make Get Smart without Mel Brooks? Unfortunately Don Adams passed away last year so he won’t be providing a cameo. Here’s an interesting obituary about him.

One thought on “Get Stupid

  1. I loved Get Smart when I was a kid! I can definitely see Steve Carell and to a lesser extent Anne Hathaway working but if they screw up the script then it could be shocking. That show always walked a fine line and it takes a certain art to avoid pushing it over into the utterly ridiculous and painful to watch.

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