Getting Tangled with Marty and Mick

While I was in Sydney yesterday I popped into the Tangler offices to catch up with Marty Wells and Mick Liubinskas for a beer.

Tangler boys

I got to see and hear more about where Tangler is going and I’m finally starting to understand the vision – and it is very cool. The boys threatened to force me to play another round of liar dice with them if I divulge too many details, but keep an eye on their site if you want to see how online conversations are going to change. I can’t wait to integrate it into TPN.

Cameron Reilly

By the way, it wasn’t until yesterday that I realized that Mick was the marketing manager at Sharman Networks aka Kazaa. I can’t wait to get him onto the show to talk about what THAT was like.

3 thoughts on “Getting Tangled with Marty and Mick

  1. is it my imagination or is your hair becoming dramatically greyer every time you post up a photo… Not that thats a bad thing, I personally think grey hair can be sexy on the right guy, but it really is striking.

  2. Miriam, his hair looks rose coloured to me…

    Cheers Cam, thanks for the solid chat on Vista, start ups, investors, liar dice, science and religion, jazz for background music and general banter. Always a pleasure (and a lesson).

    As for the Kazaa story, well, once the nightmares of missed opportunity fade, maybe I’ll tell the fire side tale.

    Next time.

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