Google Calendar Syncs With Outlook – FINALLY

Google *finally* has sorted out the problem of keeping your Outlook or Pocket Outlook calendar in synch with your Google Calendar. Even though I’ve been doing this for some time now using SyncMyCal, this sounds MUCH cleaner. Thank you Google! I love you. And thanks to Hugo Sharp for the tip off!
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Google Calendar Sync

3/05/2008 04:15:00 PM

now I can access my calendar at home or on my laptop, on Google Calendar or in Outlook. When I add an event to the Outlook calendar on my laptop, Google Calendar Sync syncs it to my Google Calendar — and since I also have Google Calendar Sync running on my desktop, the event then syncs from Google Calendar to Outlook calendar on my desktop. All of my calendar views are always up to date, and I can choose whichever one I want to use.

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6 thoughts on “Google Calendar Syncs With Outlook – FINALLY

  1. Hmm, what’s this “Outlook”? Oh hang on, isn’t it that second rate Thunderbird knock-off? 😛

    Seriously, it is pretty lame how poorly calendaring apps integrate/import/export/sync with each other isn’t it?

  2. Hi Cam,

    I installed the sync tool but unfortunately once synchronization s complete it automatically shuts down Outlook 2007 on XP. Next time I open Outlook it has to repair the data file, sadly I will have to uninstall.

    I assume this isn’t an issue for you?



  3. Andy, no I didn’t have that problem with Outlook 2007 on Vista. I did, however, end up with a bunch of duplicates in my calendar after I ran it, so I’m trying to figure out what setting I have wrong. Sorry it didn’t work for you.

  4. We just launched KiGoo, a free tool that allows Google users to fully manage (create, read, update and delete) their Calendar and Contacts from MS Outlook.

    Also KiGoo manage the Free Busy information of your Gmail contacts for appointments if they shared their FB status.

    Currently we support Windows XP and office 2007.

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