A little birdy today tells me that the upcoming edition of B and T Magazine has me listed as one of the “40 most important people in digital marketing in Australia” or “top 40 digital media” something. Or something. It has a 40 in it. Anyway… Thanks Brad. I look forward to reading the article and seeing who else is listed.

Strikes me as kind of funny. A couple of years ago I wasn’t even in the top 40 people working at Microsoft Australia. I was just another faceless schmuck working deep in the bowels, getting zero respect. Now at least I’m in the top 40 of something. Isn’t that what life’s all about? I wouldn’t care if I was listed as “Top 40 People Named Cameron Who Live In Yarraville”, I’d still be pleased as punch. My ego needs the boost.

In all seriousness – you guys know that I am nothing special. I know nothing special. I don’t have a degree, don’t have any special qualifications. No special experience. Nothing special about me at all. I’m just an average bloke with some cool $10 Elvis sunnies.

If a schmuck like me can make the top 40 of something after a couple of years, imagine what you could do if you applied yourself? Stop making excuses. Do something meaningful (to you) with your life. As the old bloke says “There isn’t a moment to lose.”

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