I Make B and T’s Top 40… Something.

A little birdy today tells me that the upcoming edition of B and T Magazine has me listed as one of the “40 most important people in digital marketing in Australia” or “top 40 digital media” something. Or something. It has a 40 in it. Anyway… Thanks Brad. I look forward to reading the article and seeing who else is listed.

Strikes me as kind of funny. A couple of years ago I wasn’t even in the top 40 people working at Microsoft Australia. I was just another faceless schmuck working deep in the bowels, getting zero respect. Now at least I’m in the top 40 of something. Isn’t that what life’s all about? I wouldn’t care if I was listed as “Top 40 People Named Cameron Who Live In Yarraville”, I’d still be pleased as punch. My ego needs the boost.

In all seriousness – you guys know that I am nothing special. I know nothing special. I don’t have a degree, don’t have any special qualifications. No special experience. Nothing special about me at all. I’m just an average bloke with some cool $10 Elvis sunnies.

If a schmuck like me can make the top 40 of something after a couple of years, imagine what you could do if you applied yourself? Stop making excuses. Do something meaningful (to you) with your life. As the old bloke says “There isn’t a moment to lose.”

15 thoughts on “I Make B and T’s Top 40… Something.

  1. Stuff and nonsense. Life’s too short for false modesty πŸ™‚

    You may not have an impressive list of degrees and qualifications but you definitely have something special which can’t be taught – enthusiasm and charisma. That and the nerve to go out and chase after an idea.

    I have a huge amount of respect for you. There are far too many people who go to uni, take the first job offered to them and work behind a desk all day. Until recently my life plan was a variation on that theme (that and earn lots of money so I can buy pretty things). Now I’m volunteering at uni, swapping out one of my engineering management subjects for ‘new ventures and development’ and thinking about taking a diploma of sustainability on top of my course.

    I wouldn’t be doing any of those things without people like you who give me a kick up the bum and force me to think about my contribution to the world.

  2. Well thanks mim, that’s awfully nice of you, and I’m glad that if some small way I’ve spurred you to question what you want in life, but the reality is, the only thing I’ve got that some others may not have is a sense of dread. I’ve always had this feeling that, unless I get off my ass, I’m going to wake up one day and find I’m 65 with a month to live and my contribution to humanity, my legacy, will be nothing. I’m not smarter than anyone else. I’m just scared shitless that I’m going to wake up one day and realize I’ve become my dad. May he Rest In Peace.

  3. Funny, I live in fear of becoming my mum. Freud would have a field day πŸ™‚
    I look towards my dad as a role-model. He worked hard, 50hr weeks at uni, despite being intelligent enough to pull through on half that, always seemed to come top of every subject he studied and is now winning awards for outstanding contribution to his field (information systems/internal auditing and risk management).

    I’d like to be recognized for outstanding contribution to something!

  4. In all fairness to your Dad, I must say that there are quite a few people out there who believe he made quite a big positive impact on their lives. That was his contribution to humanity. Helping others to find their better selves in his own way.

  5. Love Cam’s Mum.

    When will you realise that those “cool” Elvis sunnies aren’t cool at all??

    i agree with Mim though you may not have all those things you mentioned, but look at home many successful businessman around the world also don’t have degrees and qualifications but you do have a certain ability to make a few people standup and take notice and make them think. If you can make 1 person think about the world around them instead of living in our own little world like so many do nowadays you have improved the rest of world 1 person at a time.

  6. Mum, I wasn’t really commenting on Dad’s influence because I know he had a huge impact on the people in his circle. I still can’t watch the memorial video without welling up. But, fair or not, “not being my dad” has always been a major motivation for me.

    I always had the feeling he had let his dreams run away from him. He just trudged from day to day. No plans. No goals. No ambitions. And was somehow bitter that his life had turned out the way it did. I can just imagine myself at 70 feeling that way.

    One of the comments on an early school report card haunts me… “If Cameron only applied himself…”

  7. Tony, um….. dude, you really think YOU are going to be arbiter of coolness? Come on mate. πŸ™‚

    It’s easy.

    Elvis = cool.
    Elvis’ sunnies = cool.

    And, yes, this applies to the white jumpsuits as well. Anyone know where I can get one of those?

  8. Hey Cam…you’re in my top 40 list for:

    – people who worked in my various teams at MSFT
    – people who make me stop and think (eg. challenge me)
    – podcasts I listen to
    – blogs I read
    – people who make me laugh (when I read his blog, listen to the different podcasts such as G’day World and Napoleon)
    – people I think who can really change the world
    – people who would benefit from learning from others and go faster and higher (if only Cam learned how to leverage others to learn and accelerate his development…rather than be limited by the needs of his ego)
    – people whose ego play tricks on them (bring it under control…from time to time)
    – etc, etc

    Have to go now…enjoy your top 40!

    I am sure that you are top #1 to your kids and family!

  9. If you do get a white jumpsuit then that will have to be a video podcast in high def.

    Since when is Elvis cool??? What are you 70 or something.

  10. Tony – are you frakkin kidding me? Elvis is still the king mate. Don’t kid yerself. BTW – did an interview with Greydon Square today! Will put the show up tomorrow. He kicks ass.

    CD – You’ve got it wrong mate. I needed to be *HANDED* martinis. Often.

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