I fly out today to attend the International Napoleonic Society’s conference in Ajaccio, Corsica. I’m spending a week there and a week in Paris. My co-host of the Napoleon podcast, J. David Markham, and I will be shooting video podcasts from Les Invalides (where he’s buried), La Malmaison (where he lived with Josephine), Arc de Triompe (which he had built to commemorate his victories), the Louvre (which contains lots of paintings of him), Musée de l’Armée (which contains lots of memorabilia, his hat, coats, etc), and from the house where he gre up in Ajaccio and on Elba where he lived out this first abdication in 1814. It’s going to be a busy trip!

I’m also planning to visit many of the Henry Miller sites around Paris as I’ve been reading a lot of his and Anais Nin’s work over the last few years since my last trip to Paris in 2004.

I’ll try to do a few shows while I’m over there. So stay tuned!

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