Irate Westpac customer votes with his feet

I recently moved from Westpac to CUA. This guy pulled $190,000 out of Westpac (in $20 bills) and moved to a Building Society. I want to see ONE MILLION Australians pull their money out of the "Big Four" banks and move to either a smaller bank or credit society this year. We have the power to shape corporate behaviour, but we need to start using our power with focus and intelligence.

2 thoughts on “Irate Westpac customer votes with his feet

  1. Hi Cam, Thanks for the link to the Nelson artist. The most irrational thing I’ve heard today. LOL. So he takes his money out of Westpac and gives it to CU because he can’t get a mortgage. Then he doesn’t get a mortgage with CU anyway. What a stunt. As well, he makes the staff go to the trouble of giving him the money in $20 bills. It goes straight back to Westpac because that’s where CU stores their money. On top of this Westpac have said that they would work with the artist to get a mortgage if he sat down with them. But no, he only wanted the publicity.

  2. Tony – Just read this follow up story:

    Anyway I think you’re missing the point. The point isn’t where the money ended up. The point is that the customer felt badly treated. The point is that Westpac has one less customer. The point is that bank customer service is TERRIBLE. And the point is that we – the customers – have a choice. And we’re starting to use that choice. And if the banks don’t want to lose customers by the bucket load, they need to start to take customer service seriously.

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