Nick Hodge (aka Uncle Nick from episode ##) sent me this link (edit 2014: link removed due to malware on the linked site) to a story about a couple of rapscallions who infiltrated Ken Ham’s “intellectually depravity: The Creation Museum.”

Ken Ham, for those of you who don’t know, grew up in my home state of Queensland (there’s something I don’t often admit) and who is one of the main forces behind the creationist movement in the USA. In May 2007 he opened his $27 million “museum” which depicts humans living alongside dinosaurs. It’s a theme park for fundamentalists to further warp the minds of their children.

The question I am left with though is whether or not this guy is the real deal or a fabulous charlatan? I have to admit that quite a few times over the years I’ve thought about how easy it would be to fleece the gullible. Whenever I see a Benny Hinn or a Ken Ham I have to wonder… are they deliberately preying on the weak-minded and the gullible? Ever see that Steve Martin film “Leap Of Faith“? Something like that. It would be so easy to do. Much easier than trying to convince the world to prefer rational thinking over mythology.