Many Voices – a Twittories for middle school kids

As the twittories project keeps growing (we’re now taking registrations for twittories #2), it seems like the idea is inspiring others to do similar projects. I got this email today from Mr Mayo:


I’m a middle school teacher in the US. I have been following your Twittory project. I’ve joined to add a contribution to Twittory #2. I’ve created an offshoot of your idea, but tweaked it to use with my middle school students. I gave you credit for inspiring me to try this out with middle schoolers on our Twitter Story sign-up page.

Thanks for the idea. George (In Washington, DC) (link to our Twitter Story Page)

Mr. Mayo

Sounds like a great idea, George! Will you be making it available to kids from around the world to contribute to? Is Twitter popular with kids yet?

I’ve been wondering about what other kinds of new content or services we can create with Twitter as the collaboration platform. How could corporations or governments use it? More importantly, how can the general public use it to empower themselves against big corporations and governments? How can we use it as a platform for social activism, for positive change?

2 thoughts on “Many Voices – a Twittories for middle school kids

  1. That’s fantastic that the Twittories concept is being adopted by others, especially in education – that is really cool.

    Twitter or at least the concept is really quite powerful and we haven’t even start exploring how to harness it. The things that can be achieved through SMS and email are astounding – yet those communication tools have nothing on Twitter, with it’s instant, cross-platform, broadcasting capabilities and the whole culture it’s creating.

    I certainly think that as more people start “give in” to the Twitter we’ll start to see some really cool stuff done with it … but for now I’m happy with just using it to organise lunches like we did today for the inaugural Canberra Twitter Usergroup CTUB meet-up.

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