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In a move that’s bound to surprise many of you as much as it surprises me, we’re relocating the Reilly family to Brisbane in about four weeks. I know – I’ve had my fair share of fun talking smack about Queensland (and Queenslanders) over the last few years – well, in fact, the last 20 years – and it’s the last place I ever thought I’d move to. Paris? Yes. Manhattan? Yes. Florence? Easy. Brisbane? Not on your life. But there you go, the universe has a sense of humour?

Why are we moving? Well we’d been talking about it in late December because most of our family is up there (all except my sister Anita who is down here in Melbourne and who we are all going to miss heaps) and we thought it would be good for the kids to get to spend more time with their grandparents and cousins. And then, out of the blue, Belinda saw an advertisement for a job in Brisbane which was made for her. She applied for it just on a whim, and was offered it a couple of weeks later. And although both of us love Melbourne dearly, and I’m going to miss my little village lifestyle in Yarraville, it just seemed like it was meant to happen.

Obviously I’m lucky in that it won’t affect TPN at all. I can work from anywhere I have internet access. It won’t affect MODM either, as I’d already planned to launch it nationally this year and will be looking for sponsors for each of the state events. Part of the sponsorship will involve flying me to each event, so I plan to be in Melbourne at least once a month for a few days.

So… I’m looking to buy a house in Brisbane (anyone with real estate contacts please get in touch with me), and recommendations for good areas to live, schools, cafes, cocktail bars, etc. I’m going to get a safari suit, pith helmet, hammock, and that’ll be me for the next few years. I’m going to buy one of those massive freakin’ commercial fans, stick it in the back yard in front of the hammock positioned between two palm trees and beside the pool, set up a little bar with an ice maker for my mojitos, and run my global media company from there. Going to lose 20 kgs, work out, take up surfing, work on my tan.

I moved to Melbourne from Bundaberg in January 1988. My dear deceased father’s last words to me as the car left Bundy were “you’ll be back”. For once in his life, he was right.

13 thoughts on “Moving to Brisbane

  1. Your description of Brissie makes me wanna move there too. I like hammocks.

    But seriously, sounds like fun! Congrats! πŸ™‚

  2. OMG Cameron what a big change – and just when I’m looking to move to Melbourne – Melb just won’t be the same without you…

    Well have fun with the big move anyway… and it will be great to be a home owner again…

  3. Bizarre! I’m currently in Brisbane, reading about you moving to Brisbane, thinking about doing the same thing myself…

    Melbourne is damn hard to give up though…

  4. I’m in Toronto, not thinking about moving to Melbourne or Brisbane. Although, with the 30-35 cm of snow we have right now, I could use a little heat.

    I’d prefer to move to Scotland…as soon as I become independently wealthy. (Yeah, that’ll be soon.)

  5. Cameron, best wishes for you next move. Hope you don’t find Brisbane weather too humid after your time in Melbourne.

    Where you choose to live will probably be determined by Belinda’s workplace location, Brisbane traffic is bad and getting worse. The Gateway Motorway and the Ipswich Motorway should be avoided for the next few years until they’re both upgraded. Western suburb commuting will also be difficult.

  6. Consider:
    Fairfield Yeronga Moorooka Annerly Yeerongpilly West End

    But what are yr criteria?
    What to be close to?
    Or away from?

  7. I have impeccable timing Cam. I suppose our meetup in Melbourne is your last day and I’m from Brissie anyway. haha Welcome back!

    Simon is right on. Depends where Belinda works. Where I live is a brand new school just opened last year with electronic whiteboards in each classroom, where each desk has a keyboard for the kids to write I mean type rude words on the board. At least that is what the local State member told me. Perfect for the kids of a geek father.

  8. HI

    We have just made a similar move for similar reasons from Sydney. Hate to say it but all been a bit pearshaped. House prices have gone mad, we’ve given up buying and am trying to rent – renting just as hard. So still living with parents – shocker! Stay away from the western suburbs (where my parents are) commute is a nightmare, but might not worry you with your business. As far as we’ve concluded NewFarm and Paddington only suburbs to live in – or Bulimba if you want to cross river.

    Old brissy that I lived in 12 years ago has well and truly grown up! Unfortunately the government and subsequent infrastructure decisions haven’t.

    Good luck – kids will love it – mine is now completely spoilt by grandma!


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