My Photo in Schmap Paris Guide!

You know how I’m a big Napoleon geek, right?

Well a photo I took of Napoleon’s tomb in Paris back in 2004 has been selected for the Schmap Paris Guide! Check the link below.,2.31240375&bottomright=48.866550175,2.34402325&c=f6f6f6A72122A62122A62122FFF88FFAF5BBffffffFFF88Fd8d8d8A4A7A6A621226990ffECEBBD0000005C5A4E5C5A4E000000929292F0EFDA

One thought on “My Photo in Schmap Paris Guide!

  1. Cameron you should move to the U.S. where you could make a bigger impact! I’d love to see you on the O’reilly factor giving him shit about the U.S.
    P.S. we’re they hard up for a photo, don’t the French love Napoleon as much as you?

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