A couple of new shows have started on TPN in the last week.


This has been one of my personal favourite podcasts since Dave Gray pointed it out to me six months ago, so I’ve excited they have joined the Team TPN. Richard and Shawn discuss quotations which appear on their web site Quotiki.com. For example, in their latest episode they have quotes from Queen Elizabeth II, The Ultimate Warrior of wrestling fame, Laura Ingalls Wilder and her ‘Little House on the Prarie’, and more. Educational and funny.

Speaking of education…
Education Transformation
Ben Wilkoff is a teacher in the USA and “Education Transformation” this is a new show examining “Education 2.0” – how teachers, students and parents can use modern tools like blogs, podcasts and the web as a central component of education. In his first episode, has has an interview with Paige Kuni (Intel’s Worldwide Manager for K-12 Education).

Lots more new shows launching on TPN soon as well!