No Illusions 11 – Police Corruption in Melbourne

My guest today is Adam Shand, investigative journalist / author from Melbourne. He was a guest on #293 discussing his book “Big Shots” which focused on the Melbourne “Gangland Wars” and Carl Williams. On this episode, Adam discusses Carl’s recent murder and his allegations of police corruption in Victoria. We also chat about Adam’s new book “King Of Thieves“, about the “Kangaroo Gangs” from Australia that stole their way across England in the 60s.

2 thoughts on “No Illusions 11 – Police Corruption in Melbourne

  1. Good podcast Cam, I have been thinking for a while about our system of government and how it is incentivised to hurt the health of it’s people. Look at all the top killers of people in our society: alcohol, tobacco and vehicle speed. The government is invcentivised to turn a blind eye because of the tax revenue it makes. If you add taxes on oil and now the resource tax, the government is arguably profiting from global warming as well, a future, potential killer of people. Add to this the damage caused by poker machines and the government’s conflicted taxes there and speed camera revenue and you have to wonder why this form of instiutionalised corruption is not challenged more. I think that maybe if the government had a structure that was issues based rather than cabinet based, then it could focus on eliminating the biggest killers of our people, knocking one problem of after another, instead of bogging down on what are essentially public service issues, eg whether families should get deductions for school uniforms. We have the technology and ability to improve our mortality rates, but not the will. Why not? Possibly because the incentives are misaligned. Why aren’t our vehicles speed limited? Why don’t our vehicle ignitions require a breathaliser? Why don’t our children get taught how to count the calories of the food they are eating?
    Isn’t it the case that most politician have no expertise in the ministeries they administer? What does Julia Gillard know about education? Nicola Roxon know about health? Are they doctors and teachers? And I am not picking on them particularly, the list could go on.
    Let the experts run the public service, with some oversight, and the government focus on disentangling itself from it’s misaligned incentives and start reducing the mortality rate, one topic at a time.

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