No Illusions #14 – Riding 4 A Cause

Today I chat with Rob James and Andrew Blanda – two guys who, with their mate Raz Chorev, are trying to do something to raise awareness of male depression.

What are they doing?

They will embark on their first major ride in September 2010, from Sydney to the Glen Helen Resort, NT, (joining Steve Andrews from the Black Dog Ride), in an Australia-wide initiative to educate the community about Male Depression.

Listen in as we chat about depression, something that one-in-five Australians suffers from at some point in their lives.

4 thoughts on “No Illusions #14 – Riding 4 A Cause

  1. Great interview about a great cause! I support someone with depression and so can relate.
    I think the comments about men being told to harden up being wrong is a great one.
    The analogy given to me is that its like telling a diabetic to just start producing insulin!

    Good luck with the ride guys!

  2. Hehe, fair point! I have enjoy lots of your podcasts! They have gone a bit of track at times but you are a very good interviewer! Just some of your topics of late haven’t been interesting to me!

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