No Illusions Podcast #6 – Angie The Anti-Theist

One of my favourite “new atheists” is Angie Jackson aka “Angie The Anti-Theist”. At only 27, she’s been blogging, tweeting & YouTubing up a storm for the last two years since she googled her grandmother and discovered she had spent her whole life growing up in an extreme Christian cult. Now she’s fighting again faith in all its forms.

7 thoughts on “No Illusions Podcast #6 – Angie The Anti-Theist

  1. Hi Cameron,

    I’ve been catholic until recently and I also had my ‘imaginary friends’. I remember myself talking to God, Jesus, Mary, some saints, my angel… I very well knew that it is only my imagination, but I believed that there is possibility of someone ‘out there’ listening. I did not imagine Jesus talking back to me. I believed that the nice feelings of harmony, love or consolation that came along with prayer sometime were God’s way of responding.

    I remember one time desperately trying to ‘contact’ God, to get hold of him, to somehow feel him, but there were no responses. Life felt so very relative and uncertain. Desperately craving to find some solid point, some certainty, I searched the content of my mind over and over and all I was left with in the end was my mental constructs of God. I felt locked inside my head – I knew that in all directions there were just my fleeting mental images and no way to get out, nothing solid to hold on to.

    I really needed some answers and I very well knew that no Christian doctrine or method of practice could provide that solid ground. I tried that for years and all I ended up with were my belief and imagination. I searched internet and the best thing that I found was the message of nonduality presented by Bob Adamson and John Wheeler. I applied the message, opened my eyes, discarded the message and lived happily ever after. I am glad that I don’t have to look back now, the spirituality is a done deal for me. Btw, thanks a lot for the advaita show 🙂

    My imaginary friends became obsolete. At first I tried to integrate Christianity and advaita, somehow. I was curious, so I listened to some of your ‘atheistic’ podcasts and your arguments gave my faith the final punch. Thank you very much for those. I still pretend to believe though, mostly because of my mother – I know the truth would hurt her. We don’t talk about religion at all, so it’s just a matter of visiting the church once in a while…

  2. Hey Pishta, it’s always great to hear that something we’ve been doing here has helped someone. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on having the courage to change your views. Of course, as a fellow non-dualist, we both know there’s no-one to change and no-one to do the changing, it’s all just the laws of physics playing out, but we’ll both pretend that we exist for the sake of others. 🙂

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