On the Pod with Darren Barefoot

I have had to skip a couple of shows to get this interview out that we did with Canadian blogger, Darren Barefoot, due to the fact that we touch on Northern Voice conference during the interview, and the conference is on this week 🙂

Darren does a heap of stuff…he works for Capulet Communications during the day, he started up Inside Blogging with Jeremy Wright, he was the other blogger that auctioned himself at eBay and importantly and he is one of the organisers of Northern Voice which is Canada’s first blogging conference that is being held in Vancouver on the 19th of February this year.

During this interview, we touch on Northern Voice and blogging conferences in general, gatherings of geeks, Nooked, RSS and the “process” at Inside Blogging.

Apologies for the quality in this one, but sometime Skype connections just don’t cut it 🙁

Darren’s one of the good guys out in the blogosphere so subscribe to our feed or just download the mp3…especially if you are heading up to the Conference.

5 thoughts on “On the Pod with Darren Barefoot

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  2. Hey guys,
    Whats up with the little inserted add at the end of the Show?
    “You guys used to be about the Poding!”.

    Just kidding,
    Best of luck.
    PS. Can’t wait to see what Franks AD is on the interviews from Demo!

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