On the Pod with Dave Gallo

Ahhh…the joys of working on every one elses shows but our own…here is one of our recordings from early February were we spoke with Dave Gallo, Director of Special Projects at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts in the US.

Dave talks to us for over an hour on the mysteries and wonders of the deep, the Titanic and the work he has done with movie director James Cameron. Dave is an amazing guy with some amazing stories.

8 thoughts on “On the Pod with Dave Gallo

  1. This might be a function of the engine you are using, but it would be great if who wrote the post came out in the post. I.E. I have to try and guess whether it was Mick or Cam that wrote this post.

    Not a big issue, but would be nice.

    PS. Well I am at it, would love if your engine had the ability to use comment API (don’t know a lot about it but know that RSS Bandit RSS tool has the option to post and read comments like that.

  2. great show guys! i heard Mick on The Chris Pirillo Show, and i migrated over… and i’m addicted! podcast network looks strong, good luck with its continued growth!

  3. Great question Phillip!

    I spent a couple of days with Wes Anderson while he was researching Life Aquatic but I haven’t seen the movie yet. I’m told I will certainly recognize some of the characters. I’ll be out at sea (Galapagos) with some Steve Zissous-in-training starting next week. You can check in on us at the Dive and Discover web page located on the http://www.whoi.edu website.

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