On the Pod with Michael Geoghegan

We thought we would look inward into the world of podcasting for our next guest..and we came up with Michael Geoghegan.

Michael is the man behind Reel Reviews…one of the most popular podcasts out in the wild and is all about the main passion of its host…movies.

We chat to Michael about his love for films, how he got into podcasting, the 900 DVD’s in his basement, how he structures his podcasts, Orson Wells, Citizen Kane, Touch of Evil, The Searchers, Ford-Kurosawa-Leoni-Tarantino, Chopper, De Nero, Sleep Away Camp, Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, Show Girls and what he thinks of Cam’s top 10.

Check out the interview…check out Reel Reviews…and then switch of your computer for a while and go and watch a movie… 😉

6 thoughts on “On the Pod with Michael Geoghegan

  1. Awesome podcast. Being a movie buff myself, as well as a gadget junkie, I’m all for Michael’s podcast. But here’s a couple of funny stories that I remembered while listening.

    While walking into the center of Perth a couple of years ago with my wife, I pointed out to her that Chopper and Jacko were walking toward us, resplendid with plastic supermarket bags full of grocery. She laughed, and knowing my sense of humour, said, “Yeah, they do look like them”.

    “No”, I said, “it really is them.”

    “Sure”, she said.

    In fact it truly was Chopper and Jacko. They were on a tour around Australia, doing some club talk circuit. A very surreal experience.

    The second story. The weekend my wife and I first started seeing each other, we watched Showgirls with a friend. No choice you see. It was the only thing on TV while on a trip to the Blue Mountains with friends. we joked for years about that one line Cam. It actually goes :

    “I got my period.”
    “Yeah, right.”
    “That’s alright, I got towels.”

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