On the Pod with Michael Pusateri

In this “On the Pod” episode we talk with Michael Pusateri, VP of Engineering at the Disney Channel.

I saw Michael at the 2004 O’Reilly’s eTech conference when he presented a great session on how the Disney Channel started using blogs, Wiki’s and RSS in his department close to two years ago. This is a great interview and it stil amazes me that an organisation as large as Disney was using this sort of technology that long ago in a real world situation.

We also touch on a few other areas that Michael has a personal interest in like MMORPG’s, Geocaching and Dr Pepper cans.

As usual…this is another “On the Pod” you don’t want to miss if you are trying to get blogs, wiki’s and RSS into your organisation.

One thought on “On the Pod with Michael Pusateri

  1. Good to see, that at least some companies get the possibilities of blogs / wikis, especially in a big company like Disney (and loved the part about the geocaching *lol* always take some little girls with you).
    Nicole, off reading Cruft

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