On the Pod with Todd Sattersten

In early February, Marc Orchant, our good friend and guest co-host over at The Tablet PC Show, put us onto Todd Sattersten…the man behind The More Space Project, and we just had to gt him onto the show.

Listen in as Todd gives us an explanation on what the project is all about and the book publishing process.

2 thoughts on “On the Pod with Todd Sattersten

  1. Nice one, and am looking forward to the promised audio book tour. I was an audio stop for a booktour and it was very interesting to see / hear the reactions from the listeners and the difference in presentation audio to text makes.

    Cameron: As long as the tablet pc has not the same haptical fun as paper and color pens / crayons have, I will use them. And no, I don’t own a moleskine 😉

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