Podcamp Perth 2007

Here I am at Podcamp Perth, the first Aussie Podcamp. Big congrats to Jared and Adam for pushing the idea of an Aussie Podcamp and to Rich, Bron and everyone else involved in pulling the actual event together in Perth. Big shout out to Microsoft Australia’s Nick Hodge for being the primary sponsor of the event.

I did the opening session this morning and think I scared the pants of most of the people. My session was called “Why Podcasting Is Dead In The Water” and I got into full rant mode. Judging by the bemused look on the faces of the audience I think I may have been over the top. But it was genuine passion so I don’t apologize for it.

Now I’m sitting in a session by Duncan Riley on building your brand. His recent stoush with Scoble has been a recurring theme today.

Perth is wet and cold but it looks like the sun is finally coming out.

My photos from Podcamp are up here.

3 thoughts on “Podcamp Perth 2007

  1. Hey Cam…I’m sure after a weekend of travel and podcasting immersion you won’t have a ton of spare time or inclination to post a summary of your talk here for those who didn’t attend but are curious about the content of such a controversially (in the context of the conference’s theme) titled session (“Why Podcasting Is Dead In The Water”).

    That said…I’d love to see anything you do choose to post about it.



  2. Cameron, you certainly weren’t OTT. It was a passionate, genuine presentation and made an important point — that Podcasts are they currently exist may well be a transitional form.

    T’was an excellent scene-setter for the day.

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