Shout outs to patrons #4 & #5!

WOW – what a day of generosity from you folks!

This time I want to shout out to Frank Arrigo from Sydney and Benjamin Helps from No Address Provided! You guys are the best! As you all might know, Frank is one of the godfathers of G’Day World (the other being Buzz Bruggeman), and has expressed his generosity over the last 12 months in multiple ways:

1. he introduced Mick to Cam (hey Frank – do you still have a copy of that email?)!
2. he came on our show!
3. he sponsored my trip to Demo by winning the ebay auction!

One thought on “Shout outs to patrons #4 & #5!

  1. of course i have acopy of the email. here it is, from almost 12 months ago

    From: Frank Arrigo
    Sent: Tuesday, 29 June 2004 6:25 PM
    To: ‘’; Cameron Reilly
    Subject: introducing……

    Mick, let me introduce you to Cameron Reilly, one of more forward thinking dudes at MS in Melbourne. His blog is

    Cameron was talking to me about geek dinners, and blogger events and a light bulb went off and i felt compelled to connect both of together.
    I wont steal cam’s thunder, but he has a couple of really excellent ideas and I reckon you could plug into them really well!

    Cameron – let me introduce you to Mick Stanic, Executive Producer, Singleton OgilvyInteractive.

    I caught up with Mick a few weeks ago and had a great old chat. Mick spent some time in redmond earlier in the year, caught up woth scoble amongst others and spent a lot of time on the east coast looking at what’s cool & emerging — for example, he’s one of the first guys in Australia with a spot watch!!! He is part of the Singleton group, of which our friends WDG are also connected. You should run some of your fantastic ideas past him and see how things pan out!


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