2 thoughts on “Single Man Cooking

  1. Aahh memories…..of a one year old with a smashed carton of eggs & a jar of strawberry jam, out of the fridge, on the floor, playing mud pies with it !!!
    I guess that’s where it all started !

  2. Hello Cameron,
    I arrived to Napoleon 101 a week ago, led by a Brasilian journalist that wrote a book about the arrival of the Portuguese Imperial Family in Brazil on 1808.
    I wanted to tell you and David that it’s a great pleasure to listen to this series, and that I’m amazed about how much I’ve already learned whithin this 12 hours I’ve already covered.
    I teach History for High School students, and I’m considering telling some of them to listen to the podcast as well (actually I blogged about the show, so if you are curious to see a post in Portuguese about your work, just come to visit the blog)!
    I’m also involved with ICT and education, and really thrilled with the possibilities that using podcasts may bring to our work.
    Warm regards, hope you have new plans together.
    Lilian Starobinas
    São Paulo Brazil

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