The Australian election is over: Rudd gets screwed by Rupert

Well it looks like Rupert has chosen – the Coalition will win the next federal election. And it’s straight out of The Godfather Part II. Remember when Tom Hagen ‘discovers’ Senator Geary with the dead hooker and offers to ‘help’? In Rudd’s case, one of Rupert’s stooges, New York Post editor Col Allan, took him out to a strip club in NY in 2003. And now that information has mysteriously made it into a Murdoch newspaper. A shame it didn’t come out BEFORE Rudd spoke to the Christian Lobby last week. Without News Corp’s backing, it’s going to be very difficult for Rudd in the run up to the election. The character assassination has already started. If he’s lucky, this is just a warning shot and he’ll realize he has to tow the line. I would love to know what it’s about. Didn’t Rudd meet with Rupert on his most recent trip to NY?
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A ‘perfect gentleman’

Mr Allan (an employee of News Corporation, parent company of the publisher of then confirmed he and the Opposition Leader had been to a “gentlemen’s club”.

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6 thoughts on “The Australian election is over: Rudd gets screwed by Rupert

  1. I think this makes Rudd look more like a real person than the puritanical christian he is otherwise portrayed as, and it’s good. I just can’t beleive the fuss they are making over something so minor 4 years ago. So what if he went to a strip club, he’s a bloke isn’t he… This is grubby US politics at it’s worst, entering the Aussie arena.

  2. I don’t believe I am gonna say this but I agree with Molly and Jodie. To me this is a non-issue. he is human and unless he slept with one or actually did something inappropriate then it’s a non-issue.

    Going to a “gentlemen’s club” isn’t that big a deal and it happened 4 years ago. It makes him more human and like a real person.

  3. I agree that going to a strip joint isn’t (or shouldn’t) be a big deal. The bigger issue here, I think, is that the Murdoch media is behind it. It was their guy who took Rudd out and their papers that gave him a lashing. This is a deliberate shot across the bow by Murdoch at the ALP. This is a “don’t fuck with us”. You watch and see.

  4. Don’t know if your right on that or not Cam (probably right) but didn’t the jorno defend Kevo saying that the bit about inappropriate touching didn’t happen?

    The bigger question is when are you having Kevo on PTP?
    (before you ask (as I know you attention span for your own ideas is a about 5 secs,

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