No Illusions #01 – Vote 1 For Sex!

Episode 1 of the new show!

The No Illusions Podcast examines the truth about how we’re living our lives.

Today’s guest is Fiona Patten, the founder of The Australian Sex Party. That’s a political party, not a tupperware party. And they are SERIOUS. They have a great set of policies that I endorse, including ending the internet filter and holding a Royal Commission into child sexual abuse by religious institutions. They have two candidates in upcoming elections and Fiona herself is running for Peter Costello’s old seat of Higgins in Victoria. Fiona is running against the Greens Candidate – THE Clive Hamilton, architect of the Rudd Govt’s evil internet filtering plan.

Keep up to date on their progress by following the Aust Sex Party on Twitter.

3 thoughts on “No Illusions #01 – Vote 1 For Sex!

  1. Congrats cam on the new identity…I like the focal shift…the wild philosopher from down under….very cool.

    I have to say being From the other side of the Ocean the thick Aussie accent and the low quality cel phone made it hard for me to understand your guest. American english is my native language. I have this problem with your other guests too, from the Napoleon show too. I can understand David, but not the guest that are speaking with an accent. Anyone else have this problem?

    Anyway this new party sounds cool, hope they can ‘pull it off’ as it were! The word SEX and the use of it is a pretty cool marketing move…wouldn’t work in the US I’m afraid…but maybe it will work there. I hope so..

    Keep up the great work…and fixx that sound issue so I can listen to your shows!

    1. Hey Radical, sorry about the accents, not much I can do about that. Regarding the mobile phone, I always try to make sure my guests are on a landline but sometimes, as in the case of Fiona, they are only available on the mobile and so I use what I can. šŸ™‚ Thanks for the kind words, hope you keep listening to the show!

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