The Unknown Classic Album Project – “Bad For Good”, Jim Steinman

Up at some ungodly hour this morning to catch my flight to the Gold Coast for the PANPA conference. Listening to "Bad For Good" by Jim Steinman on the iPod and started thinking about what a truly terrific and classic album this was, despite the fact that Jim’s voice isn’t anywhere near good enough for his own material.

And started thinking – most people, even people who love "Bat Out Of Hell", probably haven’t heard this album. Which is a shame. I love it. One of my darkest, deepest fantasies involves me performing a live set of this material.

So I started thinking about how to discover what other truly great, unknown albums exist out there. And I came up with something.

Here’s how it is going to work.

1. Write the name, artist, year of the album. It should be something you think most people won’t have heard of and truly a classic album.

2. Write one short paragraph on why you love it.

3. Link to it in (if it ain’t there, you can’t use it – what’s the point of telling me about it if I can go get it??)

4. Link to it in (I’m sure you’re opinion is golden, but still, I want someone else’s as well)

5. Tag your post for Technorati "unknown_classic_album" so we can find you.

So, here’s my entry to kick it off:

  1.  "Bad For Good", Jim Steinman, 1981
  2. I love the sweeping themes of love and redemption, the overblown orchestration, the angelic harmonies, the massive piano chords, and singing it at the top of my voice while I’m driving around.
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One thought on “The Unknown Classic Album Project – “Bad For Good”, Jim Steinman

  1. Damn you, you’ve set the bar high, that’s my favourite unknown album. If you go to the Wikipedia on Jim Steinman there are some interesting links which include this one, which has some rare track downloads. Enjoy. I always thought Bad for Good was better than Bat Out of Hell, love them both.

    If you read some of the reviews of the album such as your link to the AllMusic review of Bad for Good, you’d never listen to the album, which was what happened when Bat Out of Hell was first reviewed in the UK.

    Not in the same genre, but The Proclaimers’albums, Sunshine on Leith, and Persevere might have to be my unknown classic albums.

    And one more thing. You might have to start an “Artists We Hate” tag because sitting in each genre of music we love are the ones we hate, and my particular hate is U2 and Bono!!

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