5 thoughts on “The War On Democracy

  1. I’m not sure that you can be the president of America without wealth… I don’t know that much about US politics but from what I can gather you need a shit load of cash to even be in the running.

  2. Cameron – meant to reply earlier – wanted to say that although I understand a lot of your points (and disagree with many as well :), I have thoroughly enjoyed your last two videos. Very interesting and thoughtful stuff. Well done.
    For once I 100% TOTALLY agree with you about the rich president thing. Doesn’t matter who it is – white, black, male, female, purple green, she-male, liberal, conservative, whatver 🙂 – the almighty $$$ – and unfettered capitalism – is ruining our system. And this is coming from someone who is pretty far right in my political leanings.
    I asked my brother the other day as we were watching some political talking head show – I asked him “Are these the candidates the people really chose? Is this the best we can put forward in 2008? Is this what it has come to?” Unless you have millions of dollars or special interest groups at your disposal and backing, you have 0% chance of even being taken seriously. The media here is even worse – whether it’s FOX or MSNBC doesn’t matter. They have become our 4th branch of government and with an increasingly undereducated populace I don’t see things improving much. Have to run right now, but I just wanted to say thanks for the brain food and I’ll reply soon with some substantive points…

    oh and as far as the last President who wasn’t rich?? Wow – ya know I’m not even sure, but maybe Lincoln or Grant?? Gotta check that one out.

  3. My God! You look terrible. Do get some sleep. I don’t look that bad when I get up at 3am to go to my cleaning job! Apart from that, the USA has run on money as the be all & end all for too long for anything good to come out of it now, in my opinion. That’s what happens when money becomes the God of the populace.

  4. Heya Cam,

    I watched this on Google, and it didn’t load the last 25 mins, but what I saw was interesting. I also did a search on John Pilger, that was interesting too. I liked the interveiw he did with an ABC reporter about the Iraq war, http://www.abc.net.au/lateline/content/2004/s1063309.htm

    The concept that USA must lose this, like Vietnam, or there is no stopping this Hedgemony… although I don’t know how we truly stop it??

    Perhaps appeal to the people themselves, there could be an uprising, there, in the USA, but I guess the bread and circuses are just enough to keep them numb, and the tight hold the media can have on a mind, educated in only one direction.

    Thanks for the lead…

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