TPN has a HQ in SL!

With the awesome help of Dave Wallace (SL: Dave Koi), TPN now has a HQ in Second Life!

If you’re in Second Life, you can find it here:

This will be a place where we, TPN hosts and audience, can catch up to solve the world’s problems and extend the conversation that starts in the podcasts and blogs into another dimension.

I tell ya, grabbing some land and putting up a building in SL is very exciting. I’m buzzing!!


One thought on “TPN has a HQ in SL!

  1. Cam, ideally I’d like to be able to stream TPN podasts into the HQ. From what I can figure, we could serve up all the podcasts as they come online and feed them into a stream. I only know a little about the steaming thing so if anyone knows more about how to go about that then give us a hollar! Dave (Dave Koi)

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