TPN listed in the Top 60 Aussie Web2.0 Apps

Ross Dawson of Future Exploration Network has compiled a list of Aussie Web2.0 startups for ReadWriteWeb. He was nice enough to include TPN in the top five with Omnidrive, Atlassian, Gnoos and Minti. I’m still not exactly sure that TPN is a Web2.0 company and I’m not sure Atlassian (enterprise wiki software) is either… or Omnidrive (online file storage) for that matter (although Ross says it is becoming “a highly diverse, deeply integrated online utility”, whatever that means). Anyway… it’s all good exposure. RWW has a pretty huge readership. Thanks Ross. When are you going to invite me to speak at one of your events? I see you’ve got my ungrateful protégé speaking. Bah.

And thanks Richard McManus. I feel bad for taking your money at liar dice at the TechCrunch ranch now.

And if you believe that…. I’ve got a Web2.0 Bridge to sell ya.

4 thoughts on “TPN listed in the Top 60 Aussie Web2.0 Apps

  1. I’m not ungrateful dude. I plan to spend most of my presentation talking about how you plucked me from obscurity, taught me everything I know, and made me the man I am!

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