I am looking for a new person to help us run TPN’s backend. This isn’t a full-time position as yet, just a part-time after hours kind of gig but with a view to making it a full-time position with TPN stock options at some stage this year. Interested parties should email me with their CV. It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, as long as you are on broadband, and prepared to work your ass off to get a piece of TPN’s future.

Network/Server Administrator

The applicant should have an advanced understanding of the following skills with approximately 3 years or more of experience in Network/Server Administration

* Sound knowledge of Apache/UNIX server configuration, Redhat Enterprise and maintenance
* Advanced mySQL database knowledge and experience (import/export backup and retrieval)
* Advanced knowledge in IP configuration, DNS,UDP and advanced networking
* Firewall configuration/IP tables/wrappers and cron configuration
* Traffic analysis/statistics (awstats)
* Mailserver config/maintenance Qmail
* Server load balancing (preferable)
* PHP/XHTML/CSS knowledge preferable
* Understanding of web hosting and co-location

Software Developer/Engineer (PHP)
o 3 years experience minimal in advanced PHP programming and open source packages, experienced in the following applications:
o Sound knowledge of WordPress development, customization and deployment
o Advanced knowledge of RSS and Atom content feed aggregation and syndication. Trouble shooting and debugging feeds for validation.
o Experience in mySQL (creation, import/export backup and retrieval)
o Experience in publishing audio podcasts and video (preferable)
o Traffic analysis/statistics preferable
o Javascript/AJAX/XHTML/CSS
o CARP Evolution (preferable)
o Excellent problem solving skills