Which Is Safer? Iraq, Iran or USA?

Data Comparison from GunPolicy.org Facts



Based on this data from The University of Sydney, you are safer living in Iran or Iraq than in the USA.

By the way, I included France because one justification I’ve heard for America’s gun obsession lately is that they fought a revolution and a civil war, so, you know, they, like, need guns.

Yeah well France had a revolution, too. Oh and they were fucking INVADED BY THE NAZIS. Was America invaded by the Nazis? No? Then shut up. The French actually have a very high rate of gun ownership. In a comparison of the rate of private gun ownership in 179 countries, France ranked at No. 12. However their access to handguns, semi-automatics and full automatics is highly restricted.

Here is how France’s gun homicide ranks against the USA:

france vs USA

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