Who Are Australia’s Top Thinkers?

I’m working on an idea and I need your help. I want to put together a list of the top thinkers in Australia. I mean the really amazing people, the ones with a huge vision for the country or the world or even their industry. The people who are leading from the front, dreaming big dreams and doing their best to realize them. I’m looking for inspirational, amazing Australians.

I’m nominating Peter Ellyard but I’m struggling to come up with the rest. I’m sure they are out there but who are they? Who is on your list?

12 thoughts on “Who Are Australia’s Top Thinkers?

  1. I guess it depends on which field you are talking about: academic, political, artistic, diplomatic, scientific, business, media. So much scope there really.

    For science, Gustav Nossal would have to be up there, but that’s no secret…

  2. Not sure if he’s still working away, but a 8 years back I heard Ian Lin talk and he gave a manifesto for Australia in 2010. It made some people laugh, but it was wonderfully ambitious and real for me. He called it Quo Vadis.

    Here is the manifesto;

    One thing I remember was that he said the Australian dollar could be $1.40 to the US dollar. We were at about $0.60 at that point, and many mocked him. (“Tis folly”)



  3. Apologies for the rude comment about Cate Blanchette earlier today. To extend jjprojects 2nd point, the people you want won’t necessarily be a) be visible (too busy doing stuff to talk about themselves) or b) seen as Australian (because they’re not living / working here).

    My selection criteria for three would have to include Scope and breadth of subject matter (so no Tim Flannery, sorry).

    To ensure I look outside the usual ‘talking heads’ we see, I’d also ‘eliminate’ the usual suspects from the Arts, literature, politics from my list.

    so my three:
    Peter Singer
    Richard Hames
    and either Ross Gittins or John Quiggin

    Quiggin is probably held in higher esteem by his peers, but Gittins is definitely more accessible.

  4. Sean, that’s a great story, and I think STEREO 974 general manager Rod Boyd the founder of Serving Time should be on the list also. Thanks for the links.

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