Windows Live Account – Reset Password

WTF? I rarely use my Windows Live account. Today I tried to login but couldn’t remember my user ID or my password. Tried a couple of things but they didn’t work. So I went into the “reset your password” option. They give you two options – answer some questions about your location and your “secret question” or we’ll send you an email. As I can’t remember my bloody Hotmail password, the latter option is obviously no use, so I went for the first option – however, as you can see in the screenshot, that option is actually “temporarily unavailable” because i got my password wrong on the previous screen! No shit Sherlock! What kind of morons came up with this system?

2 thoughts on “Windows Live Account – Reset Password

  1. Hi Sara, yeah I noticed we had a brief timeout last night. Not sure what the cause of it was yet, but I know we’ve been hit with a series of attacks lately, so I’m assuming it was another one.

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