This is the scariest legal precedent I’ve heard for a while.

Holocaust denier Ernst Zündel has been sentenced to five years jail in Germany for contributing to a website.

Zündel emigrated to Canada from West Germany in 1958, when he was 19. He lived there for many decades, writing pamphlets and, more recently, websites, denying the existence of the Holocaust.

Now, denying the Holocaust is a crime in Germany – but not in Canada.

In 2003, Zündel was arrested in the United States for overstaying a visa waiver and deported back to Canada. The Canadian government, however, invoking laws passed post 9/11, said he was “a threat to Canada’s national security” and threw him in jail. Canadian Federal Court Justice Pierre Blais said “Mr. Zündel’s activities are not only a threat to Canada’s national security, but also a threat to the international community of nations.” We’re invading sovereign nations, starting bloody civil wars in the process, but this guy is “a threat to the international community of nations” for writing a website? Does anything seem wrong to you?

He was then deported back to Germany where he was wanted for the crime of “inciting racial hatred”. He was placed on a trial and yesterday sentenced to five years jail.

The world has gone mad.